Think of two otherwise similar projects: one is run to generate money, the other to help us enter a new market and get profitable projects in the future.

Now, both projects are behind schedule, while they must be delivered on time. We’ve thought about all possibilities, and there are two solutions: one is to spend more money on the project, and the other to reduce quality to the minimum acceptable level. Using either option, we can deliver the project on time. 

Which solution would you choose when the project is being done to generate money? What about when the project is to enter a new market and get profitable projects in the future?

That’s how the business need behind the project can affect our decisions within the project.

So, the first thing we do in planning is understand why the project is initiated. This, among some other basic pieces of information, is stored in a document called the Project Charter.

انجمن مهندسی و مدیریت ساخت ایران (ICEMA) Iran Construction Engineering Management Association

مدیریت ساخت منبع : مدیریت ساخت |Alignment with the Business Need
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